Is My Baby's Fetal Heartrate Too High?

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Hello! At my first ultrasound, the baby's heart rate was 154 BPM and all looked well. At ten weeks 2 days, a friend let me borrow her home doppler, which shows baby's heart rate. It started out at 192, was 188 the next day, and has remained in the 180's since.

I made an appointment with my midwife because I was concerned about the heart rate. I haven't been drinking caffine and I'm checking the heart rate once a day but at different times as to not catch the baby during it's active time each check-in. She checked it today in the office and the heart rate was 182.

I asked her if it was high and she said it was a little on the high side for 11 weeks 1 day but what was more concerning to her was the jump from 154 to 182. She also got a worried look on her face when listening.

I told her I thought I had a UTI so she is sending my urine off and started me on an antibiotic just in case. She said it could be the infection causing the increased heart rate or something about me having increased metabolism and the baby also having an increased metabolism.

I was also spilling ketones and sugar so they put me on a diet and were concerned that I had fainted the day before. They want to see if the diet clears up my urine. If not, they will go ahead and see about testing me for gestational diabetes.

What are other causes for such a high jump in a fetal heart rate and for it being a borderline high heart rate in general? There were no ultrasound techicians in today otherwise, I'm sure she was going to have me get an ultrasound.

I'm quite concerned. Her words exactly were,"Let's hope it's just the infection or baby's metabolism."


You have already identified two of the potential culprits, caffeine and sugar. I would add carbohydrates in general (like white stuff--rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, and fruit).

You might want to temporarily go on a "diet" that is mostly stir-fry, by that I mean vegetables and protein, and see if your baby calms down. If the higher heart rate persists, then they can check it out with ultrasound, and then you will have your answer.

Good luck!