Is my CFS Diet Safe for the Baby?

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Dear Nutritionist,
I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My CFS doctor preformed an allergy test on me to see if my fatigue was increased due to food allergies. All the items I tested allergic to were delayed reaction allergies and all were very low allergies. The nutritionist at the CFS doctor suggested I cut these items out of my diet for a month. She said to then slowly introduce them back into my diet and see how each item reacts with my body. I am interested to talk to a nutritionist who deals with babies and not CFS because I am nervous about cutting these items out of my diet.

With this being said my question is two fold:

  1. First, the items I am allergic to are casein, egg yolks, egg whites, rice, zucchini, mushrooms, kidney beans, lima beans, bananas, pineapples, string beans and cottage cheese. EVERYTHING has milk products or eggs in it. To throw a monkey wrench into this equation, I get extremely nauseated when trying to consume meat. Do you think I am getting enough nutrients to help grow my baby? Do you have suggestions as to what I can substitue in for the nutrients I am missing with the above items? What quantities of alternatives make up one serving of the above items?
  2. Second, I am only 12 weeks and have just started to do this diet. Should I stop this diet until after I deliver? I am concerned for my well being though. My CFS causes me to be very tired. I know pregnancy causes tiredness and many of the other symptoms that I feel; however, I am able to distinguish between the baby tired and the CFS tired. Do you have any suggestions for someone with CFS who is pregnant?


First of all you should definitely NOT stop this diet without speaking with the doctor and nutritionist that prescribed the diet! Because you are pregnant and you are dealing with a lot of food allergies you really need specific help from a dietitian who specializes in food allergies. As long as the dietitian knows that you are pregnant he/she can help you to develop a meal plan that will both eliminate the foods you cannot tolerate and ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy.

This is a situation that would take much more than an email response. I would contact your doctor with your concerns as well as a dietitian who specializes in food allergies. Your doctor can refer you You should also speak with your OB/GYN about your special situation.

Good luck,
-- Kimberly, RD LD