Negative Tests. Symptoms All in My Head?

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Dear Midwife,
I am currently on my 38th day of my cycle -- no period. I usually have one at the 28th-30th day. I am having trouble with heartburn, urinating a lot more then usual, and I sometimes am dizzy with nausea. Am I pregnant or is it something else?

I've taken four home tests and all come out negative. When can I get tested by the doctor and is it all in my head or am I truly pregnant?


There are several possibilities in the situation you describe:

1. You are pregnant, and are one of the 10% of women who are having a perfectly normal pregnancy but who do not test positive until 14 days after a missed period
2. You have suffered a very early miscarriage, and got the symptoms but not the baby
3. You are missing a period for no good reason that we can ever figure out
4. You have another medical problem which is causing your symptoms and the missed period

I usually suggest to my clients (this is hard) that they wait until they have missed a second period. If they still test negative, then we need to run a bunch of tests to figure out what the problem is.

Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM