Newly Pregnant; Okay to Start Walking?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I am about 4 weeks right now and I was wondering if I could start walking every day.

I have been active in the past, lifting weights and running about 2-3 times a week. However, I hurt my back this summer and have been unable to do very much. I was just getting back in the groove when I found out I was pregnant.


Finding your groove is important -- especially when you are pregnant. I would say 'yes,' you may certainly walk but you must talk to your physician first. I don't know what damage was done to your back (or why) so you need to get a thumbs up from your doctor before resuming exercise.

Assuming that your injury was mild/temporary, walking is an excellent way to stay fit/active during your pregnancy. Women may walk or jog throughout their pregnancy and find that as a result of their activity, they have faster/easier deliveries and speedier recoveries.

Be sure to get good walking shoes. Because your body will be changing throughout your pregnancy, be prepared to buy a new pair of shoes midway through your second trimester. Even if the shoes look and feel great, treat your feet and body to a new pair for added cushion and support.Have fun and good luck.

-- Alex