No Fetal Heartbeat

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I went yesterday to my first pre-natal visit. The Dr. did a Vaginal U/S and the baby is measuring 6 week where the Dr. and stating I should be almost 8. She also was unable to find a heartbeat. She then gave me two choices, to come back in one week or go ahead and set up a D&C. I choose to go back in one week. What are my chances? I am so worried. Thanks


I think you made the right decision. Dates can always be off so why not wait the week and hope!

Even if the baby has stopped growing, you will not ever wonder if you made the right decision.

I like Mommy to try and forget about any ultrasound results in a case like yours while they wait for the next ultrasound. Make the best of the pregnancy and the connection between mother and baby.

This way you may experience a brief moment in time where you feel your baby and the bond one has with any life they have created.

Your next ultrasound will give you answers one way or another.

With regards,
-- Jane, RDMS