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Dear Midwife,
Hello, My last period started on October 13. After I missed my period, I tested positive for pregnancy. On November 19 I began spotting (brownish color, which is still ongoing) and went to see mu GYN/OB on November 20. Thinking I was in my 6th week, the doctor said she did not see anything in my uterus, no gestation sac. She prescribed an Utrogestan 100mg to take 2x daily to keep the pregnancy (if there is one) as I miscarried only a couple of months before. I went for a blood test to check the levels of my hCG, which came out positive with 1,700. My breasts are tender but this could be due to progesterone I am taking. I am due for a scan in a couple of weeks to see if I have in fact a growing baby in my uterus. It is too far though. Could please clarify, if possible, what is going on in my body? It is very scary.


You should have had a second blood test about 48 hours after the first one. If your hCG is double (about 3400), then it would appear you have a normal pregnancy. Even if it is rising, but not that fast, often the pregnancy goes just fine. But if it is falling, then that is ominous. If you do miscarry again, you might start the progesterone *before* you get pregnant, but that is something you will need to talk to your provider about, as there are many things to consider that I don't know. Hopefully, you've had your thyroid, antibodies, and blood dyscrasias checked to make sure it's none of those (most are easy to fix if we know about them).

Anyway, you shouldn't have to wait two weeks to get at least an idea of what's going on. It is true, though, that it will probably take until the ultrasound to be absolutely sure. Good luck!

--Cynthia, CNM

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