No Gestational Sac at 6.5 Weeks

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
My wife is now just at 7.5 weeks pregnant. She had a trans vaginal ultrasound last Friday which would have been right at 6.5 weeks. We are absolutely sure that she got pregnant on Feb. 24 or 25th as I traveled a lot and we didn't see each other much other than then. I'm worried because when we went for her scan they didn't see anything at all.

Everything I've read says that a transvaginal scan will show SOMETHING by 6.5 weeks. Also, her hcg levels were 34,022. She had one day of SEVERE cramping and nausea, back pain, dizziness, etc but it didn't even last 24 hrs. That was around 5 weeks. She hasn't had any spotting and still has pregnancy symptoms. Her OB didn't seem worried at all that nothing was visible at 6.5 weeks and my wife is very trusting with her doctor.

I'm worried about it and my wife is telling me to relax and not be worried. Again, we are certain that she got pregnant on the 24th or 25th of Feb.



In early pregnancy, the first ultrasound can cause much worry if nothing is visible in the gestational sac. The next step is to wait a period of time and redo the ultrasound. Usually the wait should be at least a week to ten days. This period gives the pregnancy time to grow if it is a viable pregnancy. Please note that conception does not always happen on the day of intercourse.

Sperm can live a number of days and conception can happen days later.

With an hcg of 34,000, a fetal pole should be seen and ....I never want any couple to lose hope until they have that second ultrasound which confirms that the pregnancy has stopped growing.

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I am having the same problem here. I just visited the doctor today (June 4, 2011). Did both abdominal and transvagina ultrasounds and he couldn't find gestational sac, even though he estimated my pregnancy to be around 7 weeks from my LMP (Apr 17, 2011). My mens cycle varies from 33 - 40 days. Before the visit, I did my first home preg test on May 29 and came out positive. Did another urine test in my doc's office today (since he couldn't find the sac and wanted to know if I'm pregnant) and came out positive. Now I'm really worried because I had miscarried before last year in Nov. How many weeks am I into pregnancy? I checked on several websites on how to calculate weeks of pregnancy but some say I'm 4 weeks, and some say I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I'm gonna do a blood test on Monday (2 days from now) and we'll see how it goes. So far, I don't have any bleeding nor any excruciating pain that my rule out miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Can't wait till next week.

My question i hope is pretty simple...but here it is:

My husband and I havehad 2 beautiful daughters and recently tried for a third child ...

I tracked my ovulation by not only my cervical mucous but also with a at home ovulation test.

I received a positive ovulation test on january 16th , we had intercourse on jan 18th ONY 9 no other sx for 1 1/2 weeks before or after that date). I got a negative pregnany test both 5days and again 3 ays before my missed period. However, I should have started my cycle on Feburary 2nd and this date came and went with no period. I took another pregnancy test on February 4th and it came out positive (very wea positive).

I then went to my first OB appt on February 7th adnd took anotheer rine prenancy test there. Doctor said it was again a weak positive. Schedueled my first ultrasound exam for February 21st and my frst officialy OB exam f the week before on February 14th .

When i went in on feb 14th she asked how things were going and if i as having any cramping or spotting. I informed her absolutely NO bleeding/spotting at all but a few sparadic cramps. However, they were nothing i would have even mentioned if she would not have asked specificlly. As a result though she wanted to up my u/s to the next day (February 15th) which, depending on when i actually concieved, would have made me 5 wks 6 days or 6 weeks 0 days gestational age.

When i got the abdominal andtranvaginal u/s's done the next day he ultrasound tech said she saw thickening of my uterus and lining but no gestationl sac , fetal line, yolk sac or anything other than the thickening i stated ealier.

I met with my doctor after my ultrsound and she said not to worry yet, that it may just be to early in the pregnancy ( and i tried informig her that their was NO WAY my daes wereiaccuate adn therefore no way i was earlier inmy pregnancy then i thought other than maybe a day) and she order me labs to have my hcg levels tested that day and two days later (as im sure you have hear of befre). I got the first draw done and i wil be getting th second done tomorrow (sunday february 17th).
After all th background information , my question is simply this:

Is it possible to be 6 wks and not see anything but a thickened uterus, can i still technically be pregnant with a viable pregnancy and does this mean my pregnancy will always be behind scheduele once the gesatational sac decides to show up if ever?


If so, what is the latest into a preganacy you have expierenced having to wait to see a gestational sac that still went on to be a viable healthy pregnancy?

OHHH and sorry one more question, i promise lol:

How much does your hcg level actually play into being able to visualize the gestational sac and baby by a tranvaginal ultrasound? In other words could it be there...but not visable because your levels are too low still at 6 weeks?

thanks again , hope to hear from you asap,

signed ''worried mom" Smile