No Room to Swallow

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I am pregnant; in my 27th week. I am always feeling that something is stuck into my throat and when I eat I can't swallow my food easily because I am always feeling this way.

Is it normal? Is it a reflux problem and if so what shall I do to avoid it?



The hormones of pregnancy tend to make everything "juicier," and this can result in local swelling. Even a slight decrease in the diameter of the opening in your esophagus can make it seem like it's harder to swallow.

The solution is pretty simple; smaller bites that you actually chew 20 times like your mom told you to do. This gives the saliva time to actually do its job, and things will slide down more easily.



Not to scare you, because Cynthia is probably right, but to be safe, get your OB to check your thyroid. I had trouble swallowing late in my pregnancy with my daughter and it turned out I had several masses growing in/on my thyroid. At first they thought it was a goiter. After my daughter was born, I had a biopsy done and one of those growths turned out to be a cancerous tumor.

I always say, it is better to be safe than sorry. I had surgery and have been cancer-free for six years.