Normal Postpartum Cycle?

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Dear Midwife,
I had my first child seven months ago. I have been breastfeeding her all along, and I introduced baby foods about two months ago.

This morning I thought I had gotten my first period since giving birth, but it wasn't what I expected. Other moms had told me horror stories about their first periods after giving birth, but the bleeding today has been light, I've had no cramping, and I had no typical PMS symptoms.

Am I just really lucky to have such an uneventful first period?

Or could this be implantation spotting and I'm pregnant? So now I am wondering if it really is a period I am experiencing.


Your first period after several months of breastfeeding is most apt to be a normal cycle or light spotting.

The other possibility is you are pregnant especially if you are not using really good contraception given your baby's age and that you are not exclusively breastfeeding.

I'd suggest a pregnancy test just to be sure, and if it's negative, count your blessings. Smile

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.