Not Feeling Movement in Second Trimester

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Dear Midwife,
Hello I'm 23 weeks and I'm not feeling my baby move as much as people say I should. I was just wondering if that was normal or if there was some thing wrong? Please write back.


I would be willing to bet you my maximum, two cents, that your placenta happened to "plant" in front, which is just fine. But it means that your baby has to kick through this "pad" in order for you to feel it. When the baby gets bigger, it will kick to the sides of the placenta, and you will be able to feel it better, plus eventually it will be strong enough to kick through the placenta so you really feel it. So ask your provider where the placenta is, and if I'm wrong, let them know what's going on. If I'm right, not to worry!

--Cynthia, CNM