Not Pregnant, But Dreaming of a Baby Boy!

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
For the past two weeks, (since ovulation) I have been dreaming either being pregnant or having a second child which is always a boy. At times in my dreams, I know that I have a second child but I don't get to see him. What do you think the meaning could mean.



Hi Jessica,
I love the dream questions! I have explored the topic of dreams and pregnancy for many years. What I have found is that strong dreams, especially about the sex of a child, are usually true and accurate. There is always the chance that you are so fixated on having a child that you dream random dreams about being pregnant. But in your case it feels like you are having prophetic type dreams about a future child!

I am very interested in following up with you. Let me know if you end up pregnant and have a boy. You can share by going to my website.

-- Jane, RDMS