Only a Gestational Sac at Ultrasound

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Hello - thank you for taking the time to read my question. I hope you can shed some light on just where exactly I am in my pregnancy.

My LMP started on 1/6, average cycle is 31 days. I took a pregnancy test the week of 2/9 which was negative then on 2/18 I took another home pregnancy test and it was positive :).

Called the Dr's office for an appointment and they estimated I was then 7 weeks pregnant. I had an u/s which showed only gestational sac and a very faint line at the top of the black circle. (She said nothing about this line and my husband and I only noticed it when we got home) Also saw cyst in ovary where egg dropped. The nurse said I was not 7 weeks.

Dr ordered hcg tests and repeat u/s in 2 weeks. He gave us all the possible scenarios but no real clear answers as to how far along we are and if there is definite cause to worry at this point. I have had no spotting or severe pain.

I am worrying about all this and trying understand how I could be less than 7 weeks pregnant...?

Thank you again for your time.


Anytime an empty gestational sac is found on the first ultrasound, there can be no "real, clear answer". It does sound like you should be farther along, but with pregnancy you just never know. What it takes is waiting for a few weeks to see if the pregnancy has progressed. A second ultrasound will be done which will give you a clear answer one way or another as far as the viability of the gestation. A heart beat should be obvious on the next ultrasound if there has been growth.

With Regards
-- Jane RDMS