Ornament Ideas for Girl Scouts (Brownies)

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Hi Kas,
I am the assistant leader for my daughter's Brownie troop. For Christmas we always make decorations and decorate the trees for the local library and courthouse.

I need ideas for ornaments for the girls to make. We need at least 2 for each girl, something in the age range of 1st-3rd graders, nothing too pricey to make. We really would like to try to integrate their sewing patch in this. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks a bunch!


I have an older version of the Scout Handbook and I know that everything has changed, so I've just picked some ideas that use fabric, thread and have a good chance of qualifying for the patch.


The feedbags can be sewn by hand or by machine. If the girls aren't ready for a sewing machine, a leader can sew three sides and the girls can hand stitch the final side closed.

Materials and tools:
Unbleached muslin (about 5" x 3"--two pieces per bag), needle and thread, scissors, markers (black, red, green), red embroidery floss, fiberfill stuffing, cotton balls or cotton batting, optional-small red beads.

1) Cut pieces of muslin to size. Use markers to write something on one or both pieces of muslin. We have written things like "reindeer feed," "Oats" and "Christmas Spirit." Be creative. You can also use green markers to draw holly leaves and sew a couple of red beads near the leaves to look like berries.
2) Sew two pieces of muslin together with the decorated side on the inside (by hand with a running stitch or with a sewing machine). Sew three sides only leaving about 3/8" selvage.
3) Clip the corners. Turn the bags inside out so the stitching is inside.
4) Stuff the bags with cotton batting or fiberfill stuffing. (Cotton balls also work.) Don't fill them overly full because you will be tying the ends later.
5) Hand sew the top closed. Fold the edges inside and use an overcast stitch to hold it tight.
6) Grab each corner and wrap some red embroidery floss around it. Tie it tightly to make the corners look like a feed bag.
7) Sew a small loop of embroidery floss to the back of each bag so a hook can be attached to the bag for hanging.

Felt Ornaments

There are endless possibilities.

Random pieces of felt (Christmas colors and others), needle and thread, scissors, miscellaneous trims including rickrack, sequins, beads, buttons, ribbon, lace (whatever you have available), glue, cookie cutters in simple Christmas shapes, fiberfill stuffing or cotton balls, (optional, small candy canes, hair clips)

Choose a shape and cut two pieces. Place the two pieces on top of one another. Sew the edges of the two pieces together, almost closing the shape. Then fill it with stuffing and sew it completely closed. You can also work with just a square and fold it over to make the cone shapes. They are not stuffed and can be glued together if you choose. Fill them with mini candy canes or small trims. Decorate the ornaments by gluing trims as you wish.


The mitten has four pieces. Two sets of two are sewn together with an overcast stitch. A hair clip is used to hold the two together with lace glued or sewed around the top. The clip is used to hold the two mittens on the tree. Just open the clip and put it on a branch and one mitten goes on each side.

Sock Snowman


Sock (baby socks work best for ornaments), needle and thread, buttons or beads, pom poms, yarn, ribbon or other trims, pipe cleaners or twigs for arms, felt pieces or toothpicks for noses, fiberfill stuffing or cotton balls, scissors, glue, white string, a little orange paint (optional)

1) Put some stuffing in the bottom of the sock. Wrap string around the sock above the stuffed area and tie it tightly. Repeat twice to create three round areas filled with stuffing and tie the sock so the top part can be folded down over the head to create a hat.
2) Use a needle and white thread to stitch the folded hat in place. You can also stitch each of the round areas together to hide the string and make the snowman look more stable, but this is not necessary.
3) Use beads, buttons, felt, pom poms etc. to create features for the face. A nose can be made by breaking the end off a toothpick and painting it orange. Push it through the sock and hold it in place with glue. Yarn, scrap fabric or ribbon can be tied around the neck. Insert pipe cleaner or small twigs for arms and hold them in place with glue.
4) Use a needle and thread or string and sew a loop on the back to hold a hanging hook.