Is An Ovarian Cyst Common During Pregnancy?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
The doctors see a sac but no baby. There is no heartbeat. They have found a cyst on one of my ovaries and it is bleeding. The urine test keeps saying positive to being pregnant but the things above say different. They checked and said there is not a baby in my tubes and they did say there is a yolk. I am not sure what all this means. Am I pregnant or not, or was I pregnant and have miscarried? This is my pregnancy and I am worried.


Hi, Early pregnancy is such a precarious time. Because most people do not know when they got pregnant, the dates of the first ultrasound can fall into the what I call the 'gray-zone'. This is when you can be too early for a fetal pole to show up on an ultrasound or you could have a problem with the pregnancy.

In the first trimester of all pregnancies a cyst forms on one of the ovaries. This is NORMAL. On occasion, the cyst might rupture or bleed into itself. This in itself is not a worrisome finding.

The good news is a yolk sac is seen. This means you need to assume that you have a normal pregnancy that is too early to appreciate on an ultrasound. In a week or so another ultrasound should be done. This will confirm there has been growth and a heartbeat should be seen at that time.

My firm belief is to ALWAYS consider your pregnancy viable until proven otherwise! My experience has shown me: the more positive and stress-free the mother, the better chance you give your child!

-- Jane, RDMS