Pap Test and Trying to Get Pregnant

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Dear Midwife,
My husband and I have been trying for a baby since I came off my period on the 18th of Feb 09.

Today I just went for my first ever smear test or pap test( I am 23 been married for almost 2 years no other sexual partners) The problem is I don't know if I am already pregnant, and If I am would the pap test I just had done jeopardize the potential of me being pregnant? Or does it cause no risk at all (My next period is march 11th 09)

Thank you



Pap tests do not affect either your chance of getting pregnant nor your chances of staying pregnant with a viable fetus.

If you had not had your pap already, we would give you one at your first prenatal visit.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.

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