Passing Tissue at 4-5 Weeks

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Dear Midwife,
This is my first pregnancy and according to my LMP (2/13/09) I should be about 5 weeks pregnant. A couple weeks ago (3/12/09), I noticed brown discharge and assumed it was my period but it only lasted one day. After doing some reading, I realized it might have been implantation bleeding. I took two HPT's which came out positive and confirmed a positive pregnancy test at the doctor.

Yesterday morning, I noticed very little red tissue in my morning urine and red discharge when I wiped. I went to see the doctor immediately and was ordered to take a quantitative hcg yesterday and then again in 3 days. I noticed yesterday and today that my nausea and mild cramping have subsided and so has my fatigue. I have also still been passing little pieces of tissue when I urinate (but not every time) and still, when I wipe,there is red discharge on the napkin. I am not bleeding but am worried that I may be going through a miscarriage. Is there still hope that I may have a normal pregnancy?


Yes, but it is too soon to tell if this is a viable pregnancy. It sounds like you are getting good care; hopefully everything will work out.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.