Phase II: Fitness Team Workout

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by Alexandra Allred

Workout at a glance:

45-minute walking/jogging workout
30-minute weight workout
5-10 minutes stretch

Tuesday/Thursday 1-hour walking/jogging -- emphasis on jogging
Track work

If you are following along with the fitness team, have your doctor okay this routine for you.


45 minutes of jogging/walking.
*Remember that to burn belly fat, burn calories, melt pounds and build endurance, you want to jog more than walk. It's okay if your pace is very slow. It's okay if you need to stop and walk a few meters, then return to jogging. Your personal goal is to run for the full 45 minutes!

One legged squats - 3 sets of 12

Hold weights in each hand
Cross your left foot behind your right
With knees slightly bent, squat down

Squats should be nice, slow, and low. The purpose of your left foot is only for balance. Almost all your weight should be shifted onto the front leg -- the right leg. The idea is you are working the right leg on this set.

Switch legs and squat with the other leg. That is one full set. Repeat for two more sets of 12.

Walking lunges - 2 sets -- walking 30 meters

Hip Work - Kick Backs w/ weights   3 sets of 12

*Remember the hip circles you did on hands/knees? This is the same principal but stand straight, hips and shoulders forward and square. Head up, face forward.

Stand with weights in each hand and your legs slightly bent. Do not lock out knees. Begin with your left leg, lifting it slightly off the floor. Slowly, on a full four-second count, raise it backwards, hold, and bring it back down. Barely touch the floor...and raise it again, doing the four count.

What does it look like? With the leg slightly bent, try to raise the leg behind you (a back kick) so that your heel is even with your buttocks.

Standing front kicks - 3 sets of 20

This works your abdominal, hips, lower back and hip flexer.
Shoulders and hips should be forward, squared.
This is a four-count kick:
  1. Raise your right knee so that you could balance a tea cup on your knee
  2. Kick out *When you kick out, be sure you don't bend forward. This is common mistake. You want to be sure your back is straight and head is up.
  3. Fold the leg back, again, watch your form and keep back straight
  4. Set down.

This is one kick.
Immediately repeat -- kicking 20 times with the right leg.
Switch legs and kick 20 times of the left leg. This is one complete set for each leg.
Two more sets required for both legs.

*Advanced. Hold with weights. You may do bicep curls if you like.

Back Kicks w/ weights - 2 sets of 20

Same principal as the front kicks, only kicking backwards

Stand straight, bring the knee up toward the chest and slowly kick backwards - trying to press the heel of your foot out parallel to the floor (not downward - remember the higher you kick backwards, the more you are working the hips and buttocks).

Alternating Front Shoulder presses - 3 sets of 12

Standing shoulder width apart, keep knees slightly bent. Holding weights in each hand and face forward, shoulders and hips squared.

Begin with the right hand, raise the right arm/hand (leaving left hand down) all the way up -- parallel to the floor (even with your chin). Hold for one second and lower.

As you are lowering the right hand, prepare to raise the left arm.

Back down, this is one.

Seated butterfly - 3 sets of 12

Remember the standing butterfly where you lean forward and raise the weights slowly and evenly up/out? This is the same principal but take a seat.

Keep your back straight; raise the arms all the way up and out, making huge butterfly wings. Hold one second.

Bicep Curls - 3 sets of 12

Dips - 3 sets of 12

Have a seat again. Placing both hands on the edge of a set or chair, with fingers on the edge, slide your body away (slightly) from the seat.

Slowly, lower your body down along side the seat or chair, bending at the elbows. Go down as low as you can - still feeling comfortable - hold one second and slowly raise back up.

Do not return to the seat, simply hold that position and get ready to dip down again.

Seated Tricep Kickback

Remember the kickbacks? This is when you are holding the weights; bent over at the waist, back straight, head up. Slowly, you raise the weight up and behind you. Remember? Now, let's do this sitting down.

Seated, bend forward and slowly raise the weights behind you.

The purpose of doing this seated is to be sure you don't rock forward. Now seated, be sure your are perfectly still. Isolate the muscles and move slowly.

Bicycle   3 sets of 20

Crunches   3 sets of 20

Reverse Crunch   3 sets of 20

Lie on your back with your legs above your hips, knees slightly bent, and your arms straight down my your sides. Slowly pull your knees up toward your chin/chest. Slowly release, come back down, pause and go again.


One hour -- this is your big focus on jogging. Again, do not worry about distance. At this point, your goal is: Can you run for a full hour? If not, no big deal. But this is your goal. Remember to push the jog -- always jogging more than walking.


45-minute jog/walk

Front and back lunges   2 sets of 12

With weights in hands, stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step forward with your right foot and lunge down/forward. Again, remember form. Do not allow your knee to extend over the foot. When you look down, you should see your toes.

Now comes the hip work. Push backwards, standing back in your original position again. Still with your right foot, now step behind! You are now doing a backward lunge.

That is one. You will do this 11 more times on one side, completing one set.

Switch to the left leg

Alternating Side Lunges - 2 sets of 12

Using just one hand weight, stand with feet together.

Step out to the right side into a side lunge, while crossing your left hand (holding the weight). Gently touch the weight to your right foot.

Think about position and posture. Keep your back straight, pull in your abdominal muscles. Place your right hand on your hip.

Push off from your right foot and move back to your original starting position. Alternate sides. This is one.


Hip circles

You know 'em, you love 'em!
2 sets of 16 - counter/forward hip circle
2 sets of 16 - counter clockwise hip circle

Sidekick hold - 3 sets of 30 second holds!
(This should burn.)

This is also on the floor. Lie on your right hip.

Bend your right leg slightly. Hold your left leg out -- straight.

Form: Look at your leg. Toes should be pulled back toward your body, toes down and heel up toward the ceiling. This makes your rotate the hip over and really work it!

Hold this position for 30 seconds. Just hold 30 seconds! Each leg. One set.

Inner Thigh -- Sidekick hold 3 sets of 30 seconds hold

Lie on your right side. Cross your left leg over in front of you, placing the foot flat on the floor. You will feel as though your leg is twisting over in front of your body but be sure not to roll forward too much if this can be helped.

Now raise the right leg -- keeping it nice and straight. Now you are working the inner thigh by lifting it up off the floor and holding it. 30 second holds.

Forward arm circles - 2 sets of 8
(and backwards)

Nice and slow- arms fully extended and holding weights, circle arms forward. Again, move slowly!

Slowly, turn it back and circle backwards. Make nice big circles.

Overhead Shoulder Press   3 sets of 12

Side-arm (one) push up   2 sets 16
Push ups   2 sets on knees

Again on the floor. Lie on your right side and bend knees slightly. Wrap your right arm around your waist (so that it's out of the way).

Place your left hand in front of you, flat on the ground. It should be even with your shoulder. This is your push-up arm.

In the push-up motion, press your body up, slowly straightening your left arm (but be sure not to lock out the elbow), pause and slowly return back to the floor. This is one push-up.

You know you love 'em

Push Ups -- military style - 1 set of 20

Do what you can. Your goal is to be able to do 20 military style push-ups

Lateral Shoulder raises   3 sets of 12-16

*You may remember the lateral raises where you slowly raised the weights in front of your body, even to your chin. This is the same idea -- only out to the side.

Slowly, raise your hands/weights up and out to the side of your body so that the weights are parallel to the floor, shoulder height.


Abdominal Arcs - 2 sets of 16

*bad back -- beware! If this is a problem for you, drop this until we speak. Modify with crunches.

Lying on the floor, facing up, stretch your arms out to the sides of your body. Raise your legs straight above your hips.

Slowly lower legs (keep feet closely together) to the right side. Lower your legs as much as you can without ever touching the floor. Bring up your feet and slowly raise the feet toward the ceiling, pause and move over to the left side.

That's one.

Side crunches - 2 sets of 20

Lying on your side, raise your right arm up over your head. Sometimes you can use your arm to balance yourself from rolling forward or backward.

Touch the fingers of your left hand to your head. I say this because I do not want you pulling at the back of your head.

Crunch to the left/to the side, try to touch your left elbow to your left side.

Reverse -- other side.

Cross arm and leg lift or Star Crosses - 2 sets of 16-20
*This is a toughie!

Lie on your back with your right knee bent up toward your chest. Extend your opposite -- left -- leg straight out, without touching the floor.

Put your left hand behind your head to support the weight -- or fingers touching the side of your head to be sure you don't pull or tug on the back of your head.

With your right arm extended, reach up and over your body -- trying to touch your right hand to your left toes. That's one.

Once you've completed this 16 to 20 times, switch and work the other side. That's one complete set.


Track work. Continue the sprint work if this is something you enjoy.

Want a change? Hit the stairs! Find a local high school where you can use the stadium stairs.

*This is a great workout and will work your buttocks and thighs like you've never worked them but there are some general rules of safety you must adhere to:

  1. When to run -- Do not run stadiums stairs alone or at dusk/dark. Women are targeted and attacked at high school tracks. Your safety is most important.
  2. Do not run down the stairs. Walk down and use this as a time to catch your breath.
  3. Choose proper weather to run in -- do not do this in the heat of the day
  4. Bring water!
  5. Do not trot down or walk down straight forward if you are feeling light-headed or fatigued. Either stop or -- if you want to continue, walk downward at an angle.
  6. Running form: When running up the stairs, bring the knees high and pump the arms up and down -- not across the chest -- which is a common problem with women runners.

Your goal: 2 sets of 12 wind sprints. (Again, this is a lofty goal. You may want to pass out after just two sprints up the stairs. Do what you can and write it down.)

And mark my words; even your calf muscles will be sore after this.


20 minute run!

Mountain Climbers - 3 sets of 20 *We're doing this following your stadium stair run. Your calves will thank you for it...later.

Crouch down so that your hands and feet are flat on the floor

Bring up your right leg toward your chest - so that your foot is actually between you arms/shoulders. The left leg should be extended out behind you so that you are balanced on your toes - slight bend in the knee

With a little hop, switch your feet so that your left leg is forward -- between you arms and in front of your chest. That is one rotation.

Switch back and forth. Each time that right leg is forward, count that as one for a set of 12.

Squats with weights - 3 set of 12

you can pick three more leg moves
5 upper body
3 abs

*This is your new routine. As always, these days are set up as examples. If you cannot do certain days, simply rearrange this to your liking. Good luck!!!

PLEASE - get a buddy to run with and take to the stadium. I love this idea for 1) safety, 2) motivation and 3) to keep your exercise entertaining and fun!

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