Pillows to Ease Third Trimester Pains

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Hi. I'm 35 weeks into my pregnancy and have been experiencing sharp stabbing pains in my vagina and cramping that comes and goes every five minutes or so. It does not happen all the time; mainly when I get into bed. These pains break me out into a sweat and make me feel sick.

Is this normal?


There are ligaments that attach to the bones in your vagina, and when you are in bed, you may very well be in a position so that you stretch them and cause them to spasm. By this point in the pregnancy, I recommend 4 pillows:

  1. One for your head
  2. One under your tummy
  3. One between your legs (preferably folded in half so that your top leg is parallel to the mattress)
  4. One wedged behind your back (so that you can lie on a tilt without having to hold yourself on your side)

Usually getting all wedged in there between the 4 pillows takes the pressure off the ligaments and allows you to relax and get some sleep -- which you need!

Good luck!