Is Pop Better Than Nothing?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I am 16 weeks pregnant and have quite bad morning sickness. I have had morning sickness for my other two children for the whole pregnancy so I don't think this one will be any different although it does seem to be worse than the other two pregnancies.

I am having a problem with trying to keep things down. And the biggest thing is trying to get fluids into me. I just can't seem to keep water down no matter what I try. I get it into me than it just won't stay down. Unfortunately pop seems to be the only thing I can drink and not get sick.I know it is not good for the baby. Can you suggest something else? I can't go tea or tang juices.

I am really concerned. I don't want to get dehydrated so I figure pop is better than nothing at all.


Ah, yes. Morning, day and night sickness. I am glad to hear you are conscious about what you are and aren't putting in your mouth. Soda pop is not ideal as the chemicals and caffeine aren't healthy for the baby, the caffeine depletes the much-needed calcium from your bones and the added sodium will only make you more bloated and dehydrated. Unfortunately, you are going to have to experiment.

Our own resident Dr. Mom, Sheri Record, mother of seven, offers some advice. Record says water, milk and juice all made her sick. She learned that eating more proteins and less carbohydrates helped her stomach food a little better and that it was imperative not to let herself get hungry. "By keeping my tummy full, I was less likely to get sick." But keeping food in her stomach at the beginning of the day was the challenge. For Record, Slim Fast was the key. "Really, any kind of protein drink will work. There are so many on the market but for me SlimFast worked. I found when I blended ice chips in and had more of a thick drink, I was able to hold it down." The ice chips were soothing and hydrating and, the drink offered minerals and vitamins should would otherwise be lacking.

There may be another culprit responsible for your morning sickness. When are you taking your prenatals? Prenatal vitamins are notorious for causing upset stomachs. Most moms-to-be can help settle their tummies by taking the prenatals before going to bed. Sleeping through the digestive process of the pills quells nausea. But as Dr. Mom points out, "It can be the brand you are using. I know I needed to try several brands before I found a prenatal I could stomach." Talk to your Dr. about the different options. It may be as simple as that. Whatever you do, don't give up. Try different protein drinks in exchange of the carbonated sodas. Good luck and let us know what you find!

-- Alex