Possible Complications From Self Injuries in Early Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I am currently fifteen weeks pregnant and am now very happy about it. Initially though I was terrified and was trapped in a difficult position where abortion was impossible. I was so sure I could not have the baby that I thought perhaps I could bring on a miscarriage myself.

I have never felt so ashamed of my actions, I punched myself in the stomach and deliberately threw myself down some stairs. I know this is unbelievable and disgusting and I regret it so much. At the time I was about six weeks pregnant.

Could I have damaged the baby permanently? All my scans and tests have come back fine but I am unable to tell my gynecologist as he is a traditional religious man. Please help, I feel so guilty about what I could have done to the baby.


First, I do think it is important that you choose a care provider that you can talk to about anything, including this. But just to reassure you, at 6 weeks, the baby is still well-protected behind your pubic bone, so it is unlikely that you did any permanent damage.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.