Possible Twins At 16wks? Is It Possible?

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I have had a few ultrasounds and they have only seen one fetus.

Last week I was told that they could see another sac and a shadow but they weren't sure if it was another fetus. Is that possible even though I've had like 4 ultrasounds before?

I also have placenta previa. Do you think maybe that's what they saw.


Without seeing the ultrasound I could not really say what they are seeing. If it is a twin it is not a live twin. On occasion you may have a twin pregnancy in the beginning and one stops growing. I would think after 4 ultrasounds that someone would have seen it.

I could go through a list of things it could be, but your best bet is to sit with your doctor and ask what it could be. Remember to ASK, ASK, ASK questions of your doctor. Don't be shy if you don't understand an answer. Say "I don't understand. Can you explain this to me." This way you won't have any unnecessary worry.

If you do have further questions after talking with your doctor write back to me and we will try and figure this out.

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS