Pre-labor at 30 Weeks?

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I'm 30 weeks pregnant with a low lying placenta. I've had one previous birth at 35 weeks.

I've been having a lot of backache, low dull constant back pain. The baby is head down and my cervix is soft. I have a lot of pelvic pressure. It's really painful even to walk -- feels like I can barely close my legs and as if she's goin to just pop out.

Do you think labor is near?


It is really hard to make a guess -- especially long-distance. The best predictor of the future is the past, but I have seen many cases of the first baby coming early and the second going to term, which of course would be wonderful for both you and the baby and your other child. It is VERY common for women to feel more Braxton-Hicks contractions and to feel them earlier with a second baby than a first.

Without seeing you or your chart, my general recommendation would be to minimize vaginal exams that might "provoke" the cervix into labor, and to ignore the B-H contractions unless they become regular and painful.

Also, you should have stopped picking up your other child by the time you were 20 weeks, at the latest. Listen to your body, and also ask this baby to stay put until 40 weeks, or at least 38.

Good luck!