Pregnancy After INH Therapy

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Dear Midwife,
My husband and I were looking forward to starting a family when I had a positive TB skin test. We had to postpone our plans once my provider put me on INH therapy (9 months course) for latent TB.

I have three more months left of INH therapy and I started taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid a month and a half ago. How long after INH therapy is finished should we wait until we can try to conceive? When should I stop taking my birth control pills?

Thank you!


INH is excreted in urine within hours of discontinuation. Once you are off it, I'd suggest finishing your pill pack or to be extra-safe, take one more pill pack.

You should also have your liver function tested one last time to make sure it's normal. Then have fun!

But I have not seen your specific chart, so do confirm what I am saying with your own provider.