Pregnancy After Menopause

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Dear Midwife,
I am 38 years old and have been in menopause for 12 years or so. I have not had a period since Septemeber 2001. Late march of this year I started having pregnancy symptoms and called my doctor. I had two blood test done and an ultrasound. The blood test were negative, both were under 5 and ultrasound showed a cyst on my ovary.

My doctor did pap smear and it came back precancerous. He scheduled 2 outpatient surgeries so he could further explore. Before going to my pre-op appointment, I started passing old black/brown blood, this lasted about 5 days. When I saw doctor on May 29 during pre-op visit, I told him about this and he said he would also be doing a d&c. I had CBC test and urine test done that day.

My doctor called me on June 3 and said the urine test came back positive for pregnancy. He is going to do a beta serum test on Monday before surgery to rule out pregnancy. I had car accident yesterday and at hospital they gave me a blood test that came back positive but a 7 level.

What does this mean, is this hcg level low due to the fact of menopause, will the levels rise before Monday? I am scared and would like to ease my mind before Monday. Any info is greatly appreciated.


If the pregnancy was viable, the level would be rising. However, with your other symptoms, it might be that the hcg would be rising due to other causes.

It sounds like you are getting good care, fortunately, and I do wish you well!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.