Pregnancy and Medication Questions

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Dear Midwife,
I wasn't planning on a pregnancy at this time as I just graduated college and am just beginning a new job as a hair stylist. My boyfriend and I were planning a wedding maybe sometime next year. Then I was planning on at least working another full year before planning a family. I need to build a clientele. I'm 21. My last period was around April 2nd. I started to bleed but just one day, April 25th. My cycles vary -- 28 days to sometimes 45 days.

May 8th I started feeling sick, vomited, dizzy, light-headed. If something was in my stomach I felt a little better. I was hardly able finish my clients. I have felt this way since that day. I'm trying to eat a little something between clients about every 2 to 3 hours. I am feeling really tried also. I took a pregnancy test May 5th, in the evening after work. It tuned out negative. My breasts are not sore. Please tell me that I can have these symptoms and not be pregnant, that the negative test is right. Could I have the flu? What else could cause these symptoms?

I have asthma and take inhalers (Albuterol 90mcg and Flovent 44mcg) plus I have IBS and take a medication for my stomach (Reglan 5mg) and also a pill for my complexion (Erythrocin 250mg Filmtab abb). Will any of these hurt if I am pregnant? I have a history of migraines, I don't take a prescription but I do take Aleeve. Is that okay to take?

I am still on my parents insurance, at least until fall unless I go back to school to get my business degree. Then I can be on their insurance until I finish or until I get married. I would continue to work and go to school. Do you know if caterpillar insurance will cover my pregnancy? I know my boyfriends will not if I am already pregnant. If cat will not I was told I will need to go to public aid. Can you help me with this? Will I still be able to see the same doctors I have been seeing for my other medical problems?

I hope you can answer my questions. Thank you.


First, if you are not pregnant, it is long past time to get some effective contraception.

Second, some pregnant women take a while for the pregnancy test to come up positive (up to two weeks after their period is due), so if you still haven't had your period, you might want to try another test just to be sure.

If you are pregnant, most providers would say you can take all the drugs you are taking except for Aleeve.

You will have to check with the insurance company to determine coverage. Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM