Pregnancy With IUD Embedded

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Dear Midwife,
I am almost seven weeks pregnant and have an IUD embedded in my cervix. What should be my concerns?

I know the Dr. mention that I might have to have my first c-section ever. I am worried that the IUD will effect how the cervix closes. What are the risks?

I meet with the doctor again on Friday. I have been having non-stop doctor visits and ultrasounds. Is this a big problem? What happens if I go into labor with the IUD embedded in the cervix?

They have tried to remove it and it wouldn't come out. I am going out of my mind.


If they have tried to remove it and it isn't coming out, then I guess it's supposed to be there for now. Your cervix is closed now (or you wouldn't be pregnant), so worst case, you will go through the whole thing and everything will be ok with the pregnancy, and then they will be better able to deal with the IUD afterwards.

Until proved otherwise, I'd say to just relax, enjoy becoming a mom, and have a great, healthy pregnancy. You might want to eat, exercise and take care of yourself especially well, just in case you do need surgery for a safe delivery. But other than that, have fun! Going out of your mind will not help your baby :-).

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.