Pregnancy Problems

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Please, could you help me? I’m about 7 weeks pregnant; I’ve been having quite a few problems.

I started with really bad pains a few weeks ago, so went for scan (12.Jan.2009) which couldn’t see anything but a tiny sac measuring 3 mm. I thought I was nearly 6 weeks (my last period was 2.Dec.2008) but they said 4 and a half.

Then had to go on the 19.Jan.2009 for another scan to see how I was doing and I had been having more pain. They still couldn’t see anything but the sac had grown to 9mm. They gave me an internal scan an after lots of searching found a heart beat. They booked me in for another scan a week later, on Fri. 23.Jan.2009.

I started light bleeding on an off over the weekend, then had none during Monday but woke up in the early hours of Tues morn with really bad pains and heavier bleeding. I went for scan Tues 27.Jan.2009 which to my delight very small baby could be seen with heart beating, baby measured 6mm. she didn’t tell me size of gestational sac but said it was quite small by what I can see it only just surrounds my baby.

Should I be worried that the sac is so small? I thought it would have grown loads within a week. They couldn’t see why I was bleeding and told me to rest. I’ve been booked in for another scan in two weeks to see how things are progressing.

I thought the bleeding had stopped but it started again last night I’m just really concerned now about the bleeding and the size of the sac. If the baby was 6mm I worked that out that I would of been 6 days and 6 weeks pregnant when I had the scan is that right? What is the normal gestational sac size at that stage?

I’m sorry for so many questions I’m just really worried.


Hi, A 6mm fetal pole equals 6 wks 3 days. This along with a good strong heartbeat( into the hundreds) is a great sign. At this early stage, measuring the gestational sac is not really a concern. It will be small. This is normal.

I think since the pregnancy is growing and there is a heartbeat, you can relax a little. At your next ultrasound scan, if all is progressing well, you should see quite a difference from the little dot you saw at 6 weeks.

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS