Pregnant or Menopause?

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Dear Midwife,
Last month I was sick and then my son got sick. I usually chart my temps. Needless to say at the beginning of the month (when sick) I didn't.

I had spotting around the time of expected AF. One day brown the next day it was pink with the exception of about a 4 hour period(it turn red for short time), then back to pink. None of it heavy,could have got by with a liner. My norm is first day light, 2 days heavy and 2 days of light to spotting.

I have taken hpt all neg. My problem is I feel pg. My breast are sore (mostly my nipples), urinating more frequently, nausea off and on with heartburn.

I am 44. I had a blighted ovum last year, miscarried at 13 weeks. That ended with a D&C. I was wondering is all these feelings hormonal. Is this the start of menopause? I had an infused ultrasound done a year ago and then I had 3 eggs on each side.

Any input as to what I should do? Or what is going on with me?



At 44 it is unlikely that you are pregnant, but certainly not impossible. If you still test negative 2 weeks after you expect AF, though, you are not pregnant. This may indeed be the beginning of the perimenopause, but given your history, I would report your symptoms if you do test negative two weeks into this cycle. Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM