Preventing Allergies in Children

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Dear Livitician,
I read in American Baby that eating almonds was a way to prevent allergies in children. Is this true? Do they mean food allergies or any kind of allergy (I'm allergic to cats and dust)?


Eating almonds is very beneficial during pregnancy to provide your body and baby with calcium, protein (make it a complete protein by adding beans to a salad with the almonds or having low fat dairy), dietary fiber and monounsaturated fat (healthy fat that helps the baby’s brain development).

However, eating almonds to help prevent allergies in your children is not scientifically conclusive. Breastfeeding your child is the best way to help your child develop a strong immune system which helps prevent allergies later on in life. Actually, eating nuts too often is not recommended to help prevent allergies in your child. Another great way to prevent allergies in your child is to eat a variety of foods, when we eat the same foods every day; that is what can increase allergies in your child.

--Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD