Previous Aneuploidy Pregnancy and Worried

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I had an aneuploidy pregnancy and at my 8 week scan revealed a fetus at 6 weeks 3 days. It had died by the next scan at 10 weeks and I had a D&C to remove it as I wasn't miscarrying at all. Then I waited for my period 6 weeks later -- had intercourse 14 days after that and have fallen pregnant again.

I am today 7 weeks 3 days and had a 2nd scan. The first was at 6 weeks 2 days which revealed a 5 week fetus. Today's scan revealed a twin pregnancy. One had died and was empty and had no fetal pole (sac diameter 7mm.); the other sac measures 9mm -- just below 6 weeks but the fetus measures 6 weeks 1 day. It did show a heartbeat which wasn't measured but I was told it was about normal for this stage. This scan was transvaginal.

As am now having to wait a further 2 weeks for more scanning. I am without any hope of this being a viable pregnancy -- if it is -- I think it'll have problems such as Downs. I have already made the decision not to continue if it does. Should I give up hope? Is being about 8-9 days out a really bad thing? I am going out of my mind with worry. Please answer if you can.



Hi Elaine,
I have trouble hearing a mother tell me that she had an ultrasound that saw a normal heart beating in their child and that she "has no hope." You have created the absolute worst outcome possible in your mind. This is so common for Mommy's-to-be, to worry incessantly and create things that just ARE NOT TRUE.

Am I to understand that there was only one chance for this baby to be created, on day 14? Maybe you conceived later on in your cycle.

From what I can see, you have no foundation for the claim that this child has Down's Syndrome. Why would you do that to yourself and your unborn child?

For now, may I suggest you concentrate on helping the development of your child by being positive and as worry free as possible! It has been proven that a mother's mental state of mind affects the child so help your baby along. Bond. Enjoy. Know there is a life growing with a heart beating inside you. Let go of everything else. Why ruin such a special time in your life -- an amazing time where you are responsible for the development of another human being? Forget about the medical/science side of things until your next ultrasound.

Know only that the medical personnel said the heart was beating at a normal rate. This is a great sign. I hope you can take some of this advice and apply it. So many times I get an email just like this. Then I get the second email saying everything was fine at the next ultrasound. All that worry for nothing.

Hang in there for now...

-- Jane, RDMS