Progesterone Levels After Ovulation

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Dear Midwife,
We have been trying to conceive for 9 months now so last month I had my progesterone blood levels checked on day 21. They came back as 14 which my doctor says indicates I did ovulate. However I have been looking things up on the net and they all seem to say levels need to above 30 for ovulation.

I am 42, have a 20 month old who was conceived 2nd month of trying and then had one miscarriage conceived after 2 months as well. I am worried now that due to my age I have run out of eggs. Is my doctor mistaken?


My sources say anything over 5 is good on day 21. The ovarian reserve is usually not great in someone your age, so I suspect that would be more of an issue than your progesterone level, and short of "buying an egg" and doing in vitro, there is nothing I know of that can be done about your reserve.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.