Question About Dialation Process

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Dear Midwife,
Hello. I went in to the hospital last week because I was having false labor. When I was there they said I was dilated to 1 1/2 and I was thinning. Then on Tuesday of this week I went back to the hospital again because of false labor. I was 2 then and still thinning. I went yesterday for my weekly check up w/ my doctor and she said the same thing. Now this morning I went in because I was leaking a fluid and it wasn't discharge. The nurse told me I was at a zero. Is it possible to reverse dilation?


It depends on which number baby it is.

With the first, it doesn't happen very often, but with other babies, they "bungie cord" up and down for a while before active labor begins, trying to get into the best possible position for the journey out.

If your cervix has ever been stretched to 2, then when you do go into active labor, it will go back to 2 easily, so the work you have done definitely was not for nothing. Good luck with your labor!

-- Cynthia, CNM