Question About Lateral Ventricle Measurement

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
My wife went for her 2nd trimester ultrasound last week. So far, everything has been great, including nothing being found from a quad screen. Per the doctor at the perinatal center, everything came back "reassuring", but he did note that the lateral ventricle was at 8.5mm, which is high but below the extreme end of normal (10mm). He's asked that we have another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks.

This may just be how I took it, but I'm not very reassured -- in fact I'm terrified! While he (nor you!) can 100% confirm there's not a problem, do you see this as just being careful, or does the doctor probably think there might be a problem?

Thank you for your assistance!


Hi. The results given to you by your doctor, of a measurement of 8.5mm for the lateral ventricle, is what we call 'upper limits of normal'. This means NORMAL. Whenever a measurement brushes either end of a medical spectrum, a precautionary follow-up will be ordered. If the measurement was higher such as 12mm or 13mm, I might tell you to be slightly concerned.

The measurement can also be falsely high depending on where the sonographer choose to measure the ventricle. Since the numbers are within the normal range, I would relax and enjoy the miracle of life you and your wife created.

-- Jane, RDMS