Questions About Clomid and Progesterone

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Dear Midwife,
I was recently put on Clomid by one of my doctors because my progesterone levels were "not so good".

My first question is if my LMP date was wrong (I did not keep a close track) could my progesterone test levels be affected by this and should I ask for a blood pregnancy test before I take the first pill in five days?

Second the doctors told me first to loose weight and I lost 5% my weight and my period though light has returned to a regular cycle. My last two periods are getting heavier and longer like they use to be. I have been taking my temps the past couple weeks and they are all right around 98.2 with little change. I even get the raw egg white mucus after my period it even had the doctors fooled. They thought for sure I was ovulating. How am I not ovulating? Doesn't this mean that I am ovulating?

Should I wait and have another progesterone test done before taking Clomid?

My last question is if I do take the Clomid what are my chances of twins since I am also next in line to have twins already?


The usual time to take Clomid is five days after the *first* day of your period. Hopefully, if it has been less than 5 days since you started your period, you can remember when it was within a day or so :-).

Clomid has nothing to do with your progesterone levels, it has to do with whether you are ovulating. If your temps are staying about 98.2 throughout your cycle, then you are not ovulating. Clomid can help you to ovulate. Yes, there is a slightly increased risk of twins, but nothing like the risk with the stronger infertility drugs. Clomid is pretty mild compared to some others that can be used.

Congratulations on losing the weight, that will definitely help, and good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.