Quick, Healthy Meals and Snacks for Pregnancy

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Dear Nutritionist,
I'm about 10 weeks pregnant and although I am feeling slightly more energetic than I have been, I still can't be bothered to cook decent, healthy meals, preferring to eat take-aways.

I really really don't want to put on any more weight than I have to and I would like to start cooking simple nutritious meals but don't know where to start. I work full time and by the time I've gotten home, I'm shattered.

I'm a fussy eater, too, which doesn't help!


Healthy eating takes a little time and planning ahead but can be very easy to do. It is important to make a plan for the week and do your shopping from that so that you have foods in the house that you need.

It is when you don't have those foods around that it is easier to turn to fast food or take-out, both of which can be high in calories, fat and sodium and deficient in important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

As far as snacks just having fruits, veggies, low fat yogurt, pretzels, rice cakes, whole wheat crackers or bread, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, low fat cheese, etc... can make great nutritious snacks. You'll find lots of suggestions in On-the-Go Snack Ideas.

There are a ton more ideas and recipes on the internet and even more ideas/recipes that you can get from friends and relatives. It just takes a little time to research some easier meals and to start making a notebook for yourself of meals you enjoy and want to make again.

Sitting down once a week to make a plan for the week, make a grocery list and do your shopping will better prepare you! If you have time during the week or on weekend you can make a few dishes and freeze them for the week as well, which can be a time saver. Also, if you make a dish, make double and freeze some for meals down the line.

Good luck!

-- Kimberly, RD LD