Reclaiming Desire

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Dear Sexperts,
Why do so many mothers lose desire, and how can they reclaim it?


Cathy: Hormonal changes have a huge impact on a biological mother's libido, which can definitely depress her sex drive. But biological moms aren't the only ones to suffer a dip in desire when caring for an infant -- fatigue, sleep deprivation, and changing priorities push most parents' sex lives onto the back burner for the first two years of their child's life.

We suggest mothers reclaim desire by indulging in simple pleasures that will help them reconnect with their sexuality (masturbation, fantasy, playing with sex toys, getting a massage) -- if you take the focus off, "I should have sex to please my partner" and shift it to, "what would make me feel good in my own body right now?" you're more likely to give your libido a successful jumpstart.

-- Cathy and Anne
The Sex Expert Team