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I hope you can offer me your opinion on a problem that's suddenly gotten worse almost 3 years post-partum. I'm having some sort of prolapse. A rectocele, I think, that's been there since birth has suddenly gotten much worse over the past three weeks. It never bothered me or showed very much before now.

Are there any natural ways to approach this or is surgery my only option? I'm terrified of muscle strengthening exercises at this time because it makes it worse, or at least appears so.

I would so appreciate your input, as this is freaking me out way too much.

Thank you so much in advance.


It's possible that you can be fitted with a pessary, which will hold things where they belong. It's also possible that you are not using the correct muscles when you are exercising, so you should have that checked.

If neither of these work, you may indeed require surgery. But it is best to have an evaluation if things have suddenly changed, to ensure that nothing more serious is going on. Usually, waiting for the correct diagnosis only makes things worse, unfortunately.

Good luck!