Recurring Pregnancy Dreams

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
My name is Kim. For the past few weeks now I have been having dreams that I am pregnant.Sometimes, I am in mid pregnancy and I can literally feel the baby moving. Then there was a dream that I was only 2 months along.

I will admit, I am wanting to be a mother very much. It is a strong desire. I do not know what the dreams mean, if anything. Yet, they are so real. At the time of the dreams, I wasn't thinking of it at all.

I also feel a boy. What is the meaning to these?

Thank you so much.


Hi Kim
It sure sounds like you are being shown a future pregnancy in your dreams. Your job is to make sure you have a dream journal and you are documenting these dreams and the dates of the dreams.

A glimpse into the future through dreams is a little different for each individual. It has taken me years to understand how my own dreams inform me about the future. It is not always straight forward. The dreamer must first determine if this is a dream that has continued events thats occurred the previous day, to a dream that holds symbolic value, to a random dream without any influences from thoughts or hopes going on in your life.

You might want to have a grading scale of sorts in the dream journal.
For example:
Dream of previous days event. A
Dream of deep hope. ie. 'I really want a baby badly B
Dream that seems symbolic C
Random dream with no known influences and one that brings forth a deep emotional response IE. Joy, sadness, fear etc. D (the most predictive type!)

My strong belief is that we as women live our lives with "spirit babies". These are the spirits of possible children that may present themselves at some point our lives. They stay with us through our lives, manifesting themselves in the form of a birth child, a neighbor, a niece, nephew or even a short interaction with a stranger. Each time they present themselves, they come to serve us in the form of comfort or joy or to help us with a life lesson. Sometimes they chose to communicate with us through dreams and never actually come to us in the physical form.

The spirit of a baby may also communicate with you in dreams for years before they decide to come.

The only way to learn what kind of communication this is, is to start documenting the dreams and intuitions you are having. Patterns start to emerge and you will begin to understand yourself and your spirit babies as you grow.

Feel free to share any future dreams with me if you want to dissect them in more detail.

Take care,
-- Jane Foley RDMS