Regulating Cycles with Birth Control Pills

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I have been on the pill for about 14 months now. I just stopped taking it about nine days ago, and my husband and I would like to conceive.

I am concerned because I have never had regular periods, and haven't had one in six months. My doctor told me that birth control should "regulate" my periods, but it just made them go away all together it seems. I told her I was concerned about this and she said that it was normal for women taking birth control.

I am a little that normal? And will that pose a problem while trying to conceive? I just had cramps for over 3 days straight, and I never have cramps. Does that mean I'm ovulating?

Thanks for the help!


Hopefully it is ovulation! Or maybe you are even having implantation!

You do not actually have a period while on the pill, you have a "withdrawal bleed," which for most women is lighter than a period, and for some is essentially non-existent.

Being on oral contraceptives and then suddenly stopping them often does induce ovulation -- hopefully, that is what happened in your case. Good luck!