Restarting Tai-Bo Program During Pregnancy

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I've seen many questions and answers about Kickboxing, but nothing specifically about Tai-Bo (you know, the one with Billy Blanks). I have done Tai-Bo off and on for 5 years and I'd say I'm moderately active. Would it be OK to start up my Tai-Bo program now at 4 months as long as I watch heart rate, temperature and drink plenty of water?



Hi there!
In a word, "yes." But ... there are some buts here ....

You MUST first speak to your doctor. Because I do not know your medical history, we have to be sure there are not other considerations now that you are pregnant. But assuming that your doctor is okay with you continuing an exercise you are already acclimated to, you must also be vigilant about your water intake and inner core temperature.

It sounds like you are well versed in this area but to be sure -- you know that your baby is one degree Celsius hotter than your own body temperature. And, your baby has no sweat mechanism to cool him or herself as you heat up. Therefore, it is important that you not exceed an inner core temperature of 101 degree F.

Many times someone will ask, "Well, can't I just feel how hot I am?" or "can't I tell by how much I sweat?"


Your body heats (or doesn't) and sweats (or doesn't) differently each day. Factors such your diet, your environment, what you wear, how you move ... all generate different responses from your body. Just because you are sweating a lot does not necessarily mean your inner core temperature is any more or less than another workout when you're not sweating as much. The only true and safe way to measure your inner core temperature for the health and safety of your baby is to get a rectal thermometer.

As you do the Tae Bo Workouts -- check your inner core temperature about every 20 minutes. If you get too high -- step back, drink some water and cool off.

Otherwise, have a great workout! Good luck.

-- Alex