Risks with handling vaccines at work?

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I work in Vet Clinic, Mainly Large Animal, Risk w/ Handling Vaccine

I just found out I am Pregnant and I'm approximately 6 weeks. I work for a vet who is mainly Large Animal. There is a lot to do with cattle. Right now everyone is vaccinating both their Cows & Calves. I am a little uneasy about handling the vaccine, (some has to be taken in smaller doses eg. Horse vaccine & Bull Vaccine) so I am required to withdraw it and get it ready for the customer. Also around vaccine for cats/dogs. Should I be handling these? I have been extra cautious just in case, wearing long sleeved gloves and doubling them up. Rather be to cautious then not at all.

Also, I usually ride horses quite a bit. Should I avoid riding? Or if I do ride, do it lightly and only for a short period of time?

Thank you


About the only way I can imagine that vaccines would be a problem is if you were to inject certain ones into yourself, which sounds unlikely if all you are doing is drawing them up. Getting a bit of vaccine on your skin that you wash off promptly would not be much of a risk, as far as I know.

I don't recommend horseback riding, trampolines, or the like that both include high impact shaking of the baby and also the (small) risk of falls during pregnancy. Though the possibility of damage might not be great, you would feel terrible if something happened to your child that you could have prevented. Your baby will be here before you know it, hopefully happy and healthy! Once you recover from the delivery would be a good time to resume horseback riding.