Sex of Baby

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I had a ultrasound and they said I'm having a girl but I'm carrying like I did with my son. With both my girls I carried real high this time real low. They said when they checked the sex of the baby there are two white streaks where they say the labia is. That there is no way it could be a boy. Is that true ? Do those white lines mean a girl?


When it comes to determining gender with ultrasound, a common description of a female is there are "three white lines" seen. This usually means girl –– except that I have personally seen a boy that I mistakened for a female in the beginning of the exam, because I saw "three white lines". So yes mistakes can be made with or without the white lines.

Please note that the way you carry a baby is not a good indicator of gender, even if you carried your boy differently.

It looks like you may have to wait for delivery when it comes to this baby!!!!!!!

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS