Sharing My Dream...

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I got pregnant with my first child in 1997 -- 4 years after my father had passed. After what felt like a thousand tests and ultrasound and heartbeats I was told I was having a boy. I had a midwife at the time and was supposed to have birth in a beautiful place called Babies by the Lake.

Around my 7th month I had a dream that changed my mind on a lot of things. I dreamt that I was being discharged from a huge city hospital by a doctor not a midwife and I walked downstairs with my baby and got into my fathers car....he had his little dog with him. Scooter, the dog, started jumping around and my father told him to sit down or he would hurt his granddaughter and then I awoke.

I completely disregarded this dream because everyone told me it was a boy and all of the surroundings in the dream didn't relate to me. On March 24, 1998 I was rushed to a large city hospital after birth complications where I delivered a very healthy baby girl. My dream was right on and my subconscious let my father bring me the message.

I hope you enjoy this story I am now pregnant with my third child which they tell me is my 3rd girl--just to let you know I don't believe a word they say -- I think its a boy! I'll let you know.


Hi Tiffany,
Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story. I smiled when you stated you don't believe a word they say. I wouldn't either after what you went through. Please don't hesitate in sharing any further dreams you have about this pregnancy.

One of my favorite kind of dream stories, are the ones where relative who have passed on, come to share information about an up and coming birth.

Thank you again.

-- Jane, RDMS


I also had a dream, my husband's father passed away two years ago. My dream was his father sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby in a pink blanket, and myself and my sister in law standing beside him, I teased her that day and said hehe you are going to have a baby soon and it is going to be a girl!! Well 2 months later it was me that was pregnant, so I think this is a GIRL!!!