Should I Have Another Ultrasound to Confirm Doctors Diagnosis?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
At the beginning of my seventh week I had a transvaginal ultrasound and although everything appeared normal -- the size of the fetus was normal and all the surroundings were good, etc. -- there was no fetal heartbeat.

The doctor told me that I would not need a D&C and that I was going to have a natural miscarriage. How long will this procedure take? Could I have miscalculated the weeks? I am not sure if I stopped the pregnancy signs or am I imagining. What should I expect? Should I have another ultrasound?

During my fifth week I had some brownish spotting. Did this mean that the fetus was being harmed. This is my second pregnancy. I previously miscarried and had a D&C. It really hurts to have a second miscarriage.



Hi. When a woman has an ultrasound and a fetus is seen with no heartbeat a second ultrasound is usually not ordered. A second ultrasound would be done if the sac was empty, meaning maybe it was just too small to see. In your case the doctor has his confirmation with the first scan. I am so sorry you are having to go through a second loss.

At five weeks your body was most probably letting you know, things weren't quite right with the pregnancy. The blood did not harm the embryo, it was a symptom of what was happening with the development.

As far as how long should you wait, usually our bodies know to fix a problem such as this without a D&C. I can tell you in my case it took about 3 days after I found out the pregnancy stopped growing. It felt like a very, very bad period with a lot of bleeding and about 30-60 minutes of severe cramps. Everyone is so different. Your doctor will monitor you and if it drags on too long will do a D&C.

You may want to discuss the multiple miscarriages with your doctor and find out if he/she has some suggestions for you.

-- Jane, RDMS