Should My Wife Bowl at 5 1/2 Months?


Dear Fitness Expert,
Is it ok to take my wife bowling? She's 5 ½ pregnant.



The easy answer is "yes." However, there are some conditions. As long as your wife was bowling before her pregnancy and this is an activity she is used to, by all means, bowl until she is uncomfortable. The American Medical Association allows women to continue with low-impact activities throughout their pregnancies as long as this is not a new activity.

Having said this, it is important to note that as your wife moves into her third trimester, her joints will begin to loosen -- the body's way of getting ready for childbirth. It is important that her upper body strength is such that she can easily handle (and throw) the weight of a bowling ball. Even the backwards swing of a ball that weighs too much can cause possible hip/knee/lower back injuries for your mother-to-be.

New moms often try to prove to everyone that they are fine and can easily handle weights they cannot. It isn't that they can't handle the weight but with their changing physique and loosening joints, something as light as a bowling ball can be cumbersome. As a bowler, be sure to watch her stance and throwing arm to be sure she is comfortable at all times and, of course, be sure to get a clear bill of health from your OB/GYN before you let her slip on those bowling shoes!

-- Alex

Alexandra Allred

Alexandra Allred is a former member of the US Women's Bobsled team, is an accomplished martial artist, and continues to teach kickboxing while juggling her career as a full-time writer and mother of three. She has interviewed hundreds of athletes, models, actresses, trainers, doctors, and health/fitness experts as she sought to find answers to her own questions about working out while pregnant, arranging breast-feeding around a training schedule, diet when pregnant and breastfeeding, and encouraging her whole family.

Alex is the author of ten books, including Atta Girl! A Celebration of Women in Sports and Entering the Mother Zone: Balancing Self, Health & Family. We're excited to have her on board!