Should We Believe the Ultrasound or the Dreams?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Hi, Jane. I was wondering how accurate ultrasounds are at 16 weeks. I had just turned 16 weeks on the day of the ultrasound exam. Are the sonographers accurate with the baby's gender at that time?

My sonographer told my husband and me that we were expecting a girl, but I had a dream that it would be a boy. Actually, my husband and I had a dream on the same night and dreamt almost the same dream! We both dreamt that we were having the ultrasound (this was two weeks before we went in). In the ultrasound, my husband dreamt that the sonographer told him that he could see the penis and that it was a boy. He continued with the dream to see it born, and told me later that the boy had his round head and my long face. I, on the very same night, dreamt that we were having the ultrasound, and the sonographer told me that he was 90% sure that we would be having a boy.

Yet this was not the case when we went in for the actual ultrasound. So, I was wondering if it might have still been too early to see the baby's gender at that time? On the sonogram picture, I just don't see anything in between the legs, but I don't see a distinct three lines or dots that would show a girl's parts.

Thank you for reading this letter!


Hi Christine,
Determining the sex with an ultrasound is very operator dependent. At just 16 weeks it is possible that the ultrasound was wrong, especially if you had a sonographer who may not have enough experience under their belt or you may still actually be in your 15th week.

These factors come into play when determing the sex:

  1. Equipment (how good the machine is or is not)
  2. Body type (the bigger the body type, the less clear the image)
  3. Exactly how many weeks you are (under 16wks is too early)
  4. The skill level of the Sonographer

I would not go out and buy pink just yet! With both you and your husband having simultaneous dreams that you are having a boy, I would be shocked if it was a girl.

All the research I have done points to an extremely high accuracy rate when having such a solid vivid dream of what you are having. Double that with you and your husband.

If you wouldn't mind, I would love to get your dream story and have a follow-up letting me know the sex of your child at birth or at your next ultrasound.

I've never known a situation like yours where the dreams were wrong!

-- Jane