Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I just went for my first sonogram today and I am 18 weeks.. I found out the sex. My doctors office called and said they need to do a repeat sonogram because they couldn't see everything.

The entire time during the sonogram my baby was positioned face down. I'm wondering if the positioning of the baby had something to do with why they couldn't see everything they needed? Or if there is something else?


On rare occasion, position will interfere with a complete exam. In most circumstances it is an oversight by the sonographer that brings a person back for more images.

I would not worry too much. It is most probably nothing serious.

With Regards,
-- Jane RDMS

Jane Foley

Jane Foley has worked as a Sonographer (Ultrasound Technologist) since 1979. Jane has lived and worked in many parts of the world including Saudi Arabia. She is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer or RDMS. She pulls a wealth of information from her experience in the field of Radiology and her interactions with such a broad cross-section of cultures she has visited. She now makes her home on the island of Maui with her English husband, Michael.