Spotting While Breastfeeding

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Dear Midwife,
I breast-feed. My baby is 7 months old. I did not resume a period until a month ago. I thought I was starting a period; I was cramping and when I wiped I got a little pinkish blood on the toilet tissue. This went on for about five days, I never even required a pad, only got a tiny bit of blood on the toilet tissue every time. It stopped for 2-3 days completely. Then I started what seemed to be an actual period, bled heavily and this lasted for about five days. I assume this was a period.

Then approximately 9-10 days after my period ended I have started getting a blood tinged mucous discharge. I have no idea what this is. I am assuming I may have ovulated this week, am not sure exactly. The last time I had intercourse was the week before the heavy bleeding began so I do not think I am pregnant. Can you tell me what this blood tinged mucous discharge is and if I actually could be pregnant ? It seems like I would not be pregnant after having a heavy period like I did. Can you please help with this.


I agree, I don't think you are pregnant. The mucous may be associated with your first ovulation, and/or you may have broken a capillary, which is not a problem.

-- Cynthia, CNM