The Thanksgiving Tree

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We saw a picture of a Thanksgiving Tree on your website. What is this exactly? How is one made?


A Thanksgiving tree can be drawn, cut out and hung up on the wall. Or you can "pot" a pruned branch in decorated pot full of rocks. Either works well for hanging the "thankful leaves."

Then cut out leaves in fall colors to add to the tree. The fun part is writing something that you are thankful for on each of the leaves. Be sure to include everyone in the fun, even the pizza delivery boy!

At our house, the decorations for Thanksgiving go up when the Halloween decorations get put away. We collect "thankful leaves" during the whole month November. Then we take turns reading the leaves at Thanksgiving Dinner.

Store the tree away and bring it back out next year to add more leaves to it. In some instances there are leaves from relatives and/or friends who have since passed away. This makes the tree even more special.

Need an idea for a classroom or a group of kids? A great twist to the Thanksgiving Tree is the Thanksgiving Wreath. Have available cut out leaves or paper with leaf stencils and paper plates with circle removed from the centers. Kids can color or paint it however they wish. Help the kids write something they're thankful for on several leaves. Paste those all around their wreath. Send home extra leaves to involve the whole family.