Three Month Ultrasound with Twins

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Dear Ms.Ultrasound,
I am over 3 months pregnant be precise 14 weeks. My first month ultrasound itself, it was showing 2 gestational sacs and the doctor told me its probably gonna be twins. My second month scanning (she did it from outside), however the doctor could not clearly see the second sac ,only half of it could be seen.(as if its lying behind the first one or its hidden behind the first sac). so she referred me to another scanning center, where the doctor did a pelvic scan and found two sacs both having normal cardiac pulses.One sac was 9 weeks and the other 8 weeks 2 days old.

Last week when I went for my routine third month checkup (scanning was done from outside), however the doctor could not clearly see the second baby..again as if, its been hiding behind the first one and only a small portion could be seen. She has again referred me to the other scanning center next week. She even told me that it can probably be a vanishing twin.

What are my chances that my second baby is still there hiding behind the first one? I am concerned and worried now.


Hello. It sounds to me like the equipment or the skill level is not up to par. It is not very common for a gestation that has advanced to 8 plus weeks with cardiac activity to "vanish". I am going to guess this is a technical problem and not a problem with your pregnancy:)

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS